If we have chosen the position in life in which we can most of all work for mankind, no burdens can bow us down, because they are sacrifices for the benefit of all; then we shall experience no petty, limited, selfish joy, but our happiness will belong to millions, our deeds will live on quietly but perpetually at work, and over our ashes will be shed the hot tears of noble people.
17 year old Karl Marx in Reflections of a Young Man on the Choice of a Professionan essay Marx wrote for a high school final exam in 1935 (via levantineviper)

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Who taught you to hate yourself? (May 5, 1962, Los Angeles)
Malcolm X


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Essentials of Marxism Reading List


I’ve tried to keep this list as pure a possible (qahqaha described it as “Marxist Salafi” when I showed it to him). Marxist theory deals with a massive variety of topics, and I tried to steer clear in order to keep this list about communism, more so than anything else. This is still, and will always be, a work in progress.


BBC — A new exhibition aims to celebrate the role Muslims played in saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

The Righteous Muslim Exhibition is being launched at the Board of Deputies of British Jews in Bloomsbury, central London.

Photographs of 70 Muslims who sheltered Jews during World War II will be displayed alongside stories detailing their acts of heroism.

The exhibition hopes to inspire new research into instances of collaboration between the Muslim and Jewish communities.

Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to victims of the Holocaust, honours nearly 25,000 so-called “righteous persons” who risked their lives to protect the Jewish community during Nazi Germany’s reign of terror.

Some 70 Muslims have recently been added to the list. The exhibition explores their stories.

'Empathy and cohesion'

Among the “righteous” are the Hardaga family from Bosnia who provided shelter for the Jewish Kavilio family when German forces occupied Bosnia in 1943.

Half a century later, the Hardagas were themselves saved by the Kavilios during the Bosnian Civil War.

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Photograph: The Bosnian Hardaga family helped shelter a family of Jews

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