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How disgusting is it that they kicked us out of our homes, occupied our land, stole our culture and then, sniveling, accuse our liberation movements of racism? Do these people have any semblance of human feeling? Do they have any shame?

When you go to a local debate in the community only to have the two Congressmen try and outdo each other in how much they’d bend over backwards for Israel.

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I don’t know how but somehow

I am still surprised [but not] at the entitlement felt amongst Israelis and their supporters, ESPECIALLY amongst the “leftist” crowd.

These people are utterly ridiculous and devoid of any semblance of higher functioning in the brain or the capacity to think ~outside~ of their tiny, bigoted little bubbles.

They refuse to listen to any sort of reason, no matter how “calmly” and “rationally” you propose it to them, no matter how much you omit in order to limit potential backlash in regards to your views, no matter how much you censor yourself in order to appease their insatiable bloodlust for any Palestinian who decides to go against what their feeble collective has dubbed “acceptable”.

It’s never, ever about presentation, and it’s never, ever about how they “feel”, and it’s always about speaking truth to power and presenting a narrative that they both refuse to hear and do everything to make sure nobody even attempts to speak about in the first place.

The patterns, feelings and actions of the colonizers have remained the same throughout time, as shown.

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine has found evidence of JSIL (Jewish State of Israel in the Levant)  war crimes against humanity and incitement to genocide in the latest fifty-day period of Israeli aggression on Gaza. 

They’re ages late but it’s not a bad start. 

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